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Why 2BHKs are a Better Option for Millenials

Why 2BHKs are a Better Option for Millenials

Recently, I attended a house warming puja at my friend’s place. We had a great time and had a healthy discussion regarding their new apartment. My friends Neelam and Raman bought a 2 BHK apartment. Both are earning and don’t have kids. Both have an excellent salary package. While I was chatting with them, I asked them about their purchase journey. I was wondering why they’ve chosen a 2 BHK when at this point, they could afford a 3BHk as well. We all want to buy a bigger house within our budget. However, they had a different vision altogether.

As per Raman if one goes for a 2BHK which ideally has an area of 1000 sq ft and may cost us around 30- 35 lakh in NCR. After paying approximately five lakhs as down payment, the bank funding will be around 25-26 lakh. The EMI will be around Rs. 20-23K, which is easy to pay. Further, this amount will not affect their family planning, along with their monthly requirements. So their agenda is to plan for the next ten years where they’ll be able to make an asset, save on rent, save on maintenance, save on the cost of living. They’ll also be able to manage other miscellaneous expenses on vacations, kids’ education, medical policies, and many more. So this may be a secure investment for their future.

I found it to be a brilliant decision, as we can buy our 1st home without facing any hardships. It is a very calculative move. The resale and rental of a 2BHK are also easy in comparison to a 3 BHK. 2 BHKs are also available in brilliant designs and maximum carpet areas. It’s easy to furnish a 2BHK. It’s also very cost effective and comparatively the monthly EMI burden is lesser. It was an eye-opener for me and a great thought which breaks all the stereotypes about home buying. This thought has indeed impacted my planning to buy a home in Delhi NCR for sure. I wanted to share this article I read in The Economic Times: Realtors Cut Flat Sizes in Weak Mkt.

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