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Kudos to Finance Minister for an Aspirational Budget which addresses wealth creation and care.

1. It is a visionary budget with very intelligent and detailed submission for all sections of society
2. Never have we seen a budget dive deep into addressing the quality of water, air, energy at one end and also health care, education, and employment at the other.
3. The art of reducing exemptions and subsidies is laudable
4. The income tax benefits for the middle class will surely drive the consumption cycle.

Full marks to the Finance Minister:

• Real Estate got a continued boost by virtue of income tax benefits for the buyers and tax exemptions for the developers.
• The Govt has clearly researched the section in residential real estate where the demand is more than the supply and hence is promoting and motivating affordable housing. Together with this, it has given more money in the pocket of the middle class by virtue of income tax benefits to fuel sales in this segment.

Thank You Finance Minister for your continued support to the Real Estate Industry.

We expect execution of all that you have done for Real Estate Industry throughout 2019-20 (the government gave a slew of measures to support the real estate industry by virtue of GST rationalization, set up of AIF of 25000 crores, recapitalization of banks lowering of CRR by RBI).

Overall, we are satisfied with the budget 2020-21.