Leadership Team

Mr. Sudipto Bannerji (Operations)
Mr. Sudipto Bannerji


With commendable interpersonal skills and righteous work style, he continues to redefine trust in the sector...

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Mr. Abhinav Jain (Sales)
Mr. Abhinav Jain


As a young and passionate leader, Mr. Jain contributes to revenue maximization and realization of...

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Mr. Alok Asthana (CRM)
Mr. Alok Asthana


With over 14 years of experience in the customer service industry, he is a leading CRM professional...

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Mrs. Chandra Rijwani (Marketing)
Mrs. Chandra Rijwani


Her strong experience in operations makes Chandra Rijwani a brilliant marketing wizard...

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Mr. Akshay Bhardwaj (Admin)
Mr. Akshay Bhardwaj


His rich experience of 22 years in various industries has contributed to the fulfillment of great commitments...

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