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Ground Floor at CRC Sublimis with personal garden spaces makes it a choice of many at Greater Noida West.

The CRC group has started bookings for its ground floor units at CRC Sublimis which are judiciously fashioned captivating vision that is larger than life.  The privy of having your own customizable garden space combined with the added ease of living and exemplary solitude, make it the perfect fit for peace-loving individuals.

The astonishing- unrivaled architecture offers an incredibly tranquil environment, delivering a wholesome living experience. Besides the overall project, the ground floors have been designed and formalized by none other than Hafeez Contractor, an internationally-renowned architect. Crafted with a vision to make it stand out from the rest, CRC Sublimis is nothing less than an architectural prodigy in the region.  The building complex has 6 high-rise towers that have a perfect balance of modern décor and astounding architecture projecting a holistic amalgamation of antiquity and contemporary looks.

CRC group’s chief operating officer Sanjeev Kathuria has affirmed the modern magnum opus “ The ground floor units in our project are designed to provide natural comfort where the personal garden spaces can be utilized as the kitchen garden, flower garden, etc. which elevates the living standards, at the same time coming closer to mother nature. The ground floor units boast of a wide range of high-end facilities that are usually available in premium apartments at astoundingly high prices. Despite the various challenges present in the real estate marketplace nowadays, we hope that we would be able to meet buyers’ expectations remarkably and provide them a delightful experience through this ambitious housing project in Greater Noida.”

The ground floor units have adequate ceiling height and considerably big windows to compound the luxury and fulfill the coveted villa living experience. These units are indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity for consumers as this extent of facilities and luxuries clubbed with optimum safety and CRC group’s trust is hard to find in projects in this bracket. Thus if you’re looking for awesome addresses then CRC Sublimis has been crafted especially for you.