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Myriads of real estate companies in Noida serve as per the needs of their customers looking for their new dream home. Homebuyers are constantly on the lookout for properties or homes that fulfill their requirements.

There are a lot of powerful and beautiful high-rise structures being built, and real estate is a growing industry that helps people realize their dream of buying outright properties. Many Indian metro areas are slowly recovering, and sales volumes have risen dramatically in recent months.

There’s no denying that India’s real estate market is expanding at a rapid pace. Especially if you’re looking to buy a home, you can find a Real estate company in Noida that may offer you attractive bargains, but it depends on you to choose the right one.

CRC group is the top Real Estate company in Noida. We are dependable property developers who will calculate and measure all the risks associated with the investment and continue looking for ways to lower this risk. We have successfully helped many people find their dream home or flat at reasonable prices.

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About Us

We at CRC Group have built a reputation for being an efficient real estate company in Noida. This is primarily because we are known for delivering quality projects. Our forward-thinking strategy ensures world-class living with the best real estate projects in Noida.

Our clients and customers are our top priority. Thus we provide the best result-oriented services possible. We are constantly working on our objectives to make it even better with time, putting ourselves among the top real estate developers in our area. We give our buyers magnificent yet thoughtfully designed and easily maintainable homes, with attention to detail so that it enhances the whole living experience.

To give our customers high-quality project options, we extensively study the market, other projects, buyer surveys, customer experiences and set a benchmark for every property. We strive to achieve excellence in the field of real estate. All of our premium projects are built on the foundation of trust and provide best-in-class services. This is why we proudly claim that we are the best real estate company in Noida.

Our group brings smiles to our customers and provides premium solutions by embracing the future and serving as the backbone of excellence in the real estate industry for decades now. In addition, we have completed our first project in Haridwar, Mantra Happy Homes. Sublimis, a magnificent project in Greater Noida West, has been added to our portfolio as well.

Our Goals

Today, CRC concentrates on providing the best residential properties available. Our goal is to make our customers happy and reach a level where we can satisfy all the requirements of every client that comes to us.
We are a real estate company in Noida that offers a variety of real estate solutions while staying true to its primary mission of providing dependability and quality. In addition to that, we believe in innovation as well.
Our experts and highly trained employees are indisputable leaders in the real estate industry, and they are taught to deliver the best products to our clients and partners.
CRC aspires for growth and prosperity for its customers as an excellent real estate and enterprise solutions organization.
We maintain a close watch on cutting-edge technology, our customers’ specific needs, and cost-effective yet modernized real estate solutions to hold the tag of the best real estate company in Noida proudly.
Clients have always trusted our products and solutions, which has led us to strive higher and provide them with better service every time.

Our History

Shri Kidar Nath Bansal founded CRC and Chandgi Ram Nawal Kishore (CRNK) in 1985 to instill complete confidence, honesty, and devotion to services through the sanitary ware industry. Various well-known brands such as Hindware and Kohler have partnered with CRNK.

Our CRC Group was founded in 2006 to advance this highly skilled experience and deliver what is promised to clients. The Managing Director, Mr. Satish Garg, guided CRC’s foundation.

CRC has proven itself capable of meeting clients’ needs, exceeding expectations, and providing flawless results at every turn. With each project, we try to raise the standards of real estate. We pledge to uphold the highest standards for opulent living that continue to evolve and reach new heights.

Why Choose Our Real Estate Company in Noida?

We know how the real estate industry has flourished over the past few decades. There are many real estate companies present in every area or locality. Each area has its own trusted real estate developer, which is prominent among the people living in the particular area. 

Similarly, CRC holds the reputation of being the best and most trustworthy real estate company in Noida. If you are in the market to buy a new apartment in Noida, CRC is an excellent option for you.

  • Real estate experts: We are a group of diligent and experienced individuals. We have a team of real estate experts who work around the clock to provide our customers with the most suitable apartments.
  • Reasonable price: We believe in giving our clients the best homes at the most reasonable prices. We would never overcharge or suggest any prices that are not evaluated at the market value.  
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction: Our real estate company in Noida prioritizes the satisfaction of our clients. We try to understand the customers’ needs first to be able to find a suitable home for them.
  • Reliable services: We are well known in our area as the most reliable real estate company in Noida because CRC has been catering to customers for decades now.

No matter which area, city, or state we talk about, finding the right real estate developers to help you find your dream home is a big task. If you are looking for a flat or any property in Noida, you can contact CRC group as we are an excellent real estate company in Noida.


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