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Why is Buying a House is Everyone’s Dream?

Why is Buying a House is Everyone’s Dream?

In a typical Indian household, the importance of a home is beyond words. For most Indians, a home is not just a piece of brick and mortar but it contains a soul that aligns to every individual residing within. This is whey possessing his own home is one of the biggest dreams we Indians carry somewhere deep in our hearts.

Since our childhood, we have been told that owning a home is one of the biggest achievements of life which conditions our minds socially and emotionally. This takes the shape of a dream and reminds us to try really hard to make this dream come true. Be it the society we live in, movies and serials, old tales, everything you find that one’s home is an intrinsic element of our lives. This statement holds very much truthfulness in regard to a middle-class Indian who spends his entire life’s savings just to get a house of his dream. Here are a few reasons why buying a house is everyone’s dream.

A Sense of Achievement

Buying a home reflects a sense of achievement, position, fresh beginnings. People often think about buying a home as a precursor to wedding and family planning. The need to have children under a steady and contented environment triggers the desire to own a home. There are many who choose to buy homes to get rid from the never-ending cycle of renting.


Whether you are living along or with family, living in a rented home is quite insecurity. You never know when the landlord asks you to vacant space in no time. This is why people carry of a dream of a new house and try hard to fulfill in the quickest possible manner. This goes very much true in metro cities where cost of living is high and people send a large portion of their home in paying the house rent. Moreover, having one’s own home gives the person a sense of security and safety.


Among Indians, education is one thing that comes before home when it comes to achieving life goals. As good education paves the way for a secured future, buying a home signifies long-term stability in life in terms of relationships, finances, and overall living. As millennial take stability a crucial factor, owning a home earlier rather than later is a given for them. Even in marriages, a groom living in his own home is always considered a highly stable person as compared to a person living on rent.

Improved Living

Everyone wants to live in a better environment which may include latest amenities. This may not be possible in a rented home and if yes, it comes at great expenses. This is where buying own home makes true where one can choose from a wide range of amenities he wants in his home. From the number of bedrooms to bathrooms, windows, balconies, parks, a cultured environment, buying a home gives people a way to achieve improved living in various aspects of life.

If you are among those who have been living in a house on rent, it is always a good idea to pay a little more and spend that money in paying the EMI of a home loan rather than spending it on house rent. According to various domain experts, the decision to buy a house seems both logical and economical in the long run. You can plan a lot of things when you have a permanent address. And with so many government-sponsored projects/schemes and the launch of various reasonable housing projects around, this is undoubtedly the most perfect time to give a touch of realization to your long-cherished dream of buying a house.